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Welcome to Tutoring Services, LLC!


Tutoring Services LLC in Pound Ridge NY serves as an effective solution to students and individuals who are having a hard time coping with some academic subjects, or students who are craving for an advanced knowledge or those who need help in preparing themselves for some standardized examinations.

Our team is composed of competent and qualified tutors who commit themselves in helping the students achieve their educational goals by enhancing the knowledge and skills they have learned from the school instruction, strengthen learning efficiency, and develop self-reliance and confidence among their tutees/students.

We have designed a tutorial program that will encourage students to understand and appreciate learning process while adhering to a structured setting and curriculum, set up good study habits that complement learning from school and good attitude towards school tasks and activities.

We also have study and review materials which can be used during tutorial and review sessions or clients can use them individually.

Basically, our tutorial services and learning materials aim at helping students gain knowledge and skills that will be useful to them in performing their academic tasks. They will also be coached into becoming self-reliant and productive learners, contributing to higher ratings of their school and community.



What we can do


Students can choose between online or home-based tutorial methods where both methods will receive the same quality mentoring from the tutors.

These tutors in Pound Ridge NY cater to students and individuals who need help to achieve academic goals and even the individuals who seek for help as they are preparing for standardized examinations such as GMAT, GRE, SAT, and Praxis II exams. Learning and review materials are available to supplement during these sessions.

Once academic needs and goals of the clients are identified, they will be matched with the tutors who will help and coached them to understand their lessons and provide homework help when necessary. They will be trained to develop self-reliance and being resourceful to learn how to work on their homework and other school assignments. They are qualified to handle and tutor different academic subjects such as English, Physics, Algebra, Basic Math, Chemistry, History, and more.

For the clientsā€™ reference and for safe tutoring, our tutors went through background check and verification of their records.


Our Products


We have comprehensive collection of study and review materials which can be used during the tutoring sessions and are available at affordable prices. You can choose from our study guides and test prep, exam secrets, and used college books for Praxis II series of examinations, as well as for SAT, GRE, and GMAT. We have the unique Algebra Solver software which is also known as Algebrator, which can be very useful for those who are taking Algebra subjects.

We will be very glad to discuss with you how our tutors in Pound Ridge NY can help individuals to achieve academic goals by contacting us now!

Again, we welcome you to Tutoring Services LLC ā€“ where learning is easy and fun!

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We are Connecticut based company with operating business sector in Tutoring industry, match making, online and home tutoring, advertisement, study guide publishing, teacher test prep services and school services, books selling and buying.

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