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The last few decades have been an era of significant legal battles. Basically, there is always a legal battle ensuing in the halls of the US Congress. And, as in every conflict, there are always two sides.

For instance, the issue of privacy versus necessity has always been a hotly contested topic, and, for a long time, the battle seemed to be a stalemate, with neither side showing signs of backing down. One side, those who seem to be protectors of privacy, argue that matters of security must not be measures which would violate the constitutional right to privacy. For them, there are some security procedures which seem to sacrifice the privacy rights of many – if not all – American citizens.

Those who oppose it say that there are some things which need to be sacrificed in order to achieve maximum credible security. They say that there are some terrorists and anarchists which hide in the cloak of privacy in order for the authorities to be misled. Indeed, security agencies have long found it hard to triangulate possible terrorists due to this constitutional burden.

For a long time, this issue has been in a seesaw battle. However, things changed when terrorists managed to hijack several US-based planes and destroy the Twin Towers of New York in a single day.

Basically, this single even triggered a historical chain of events which eventually led to the easing down of several constitutional provisions for the sake of security, including that of privacy.

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